I lost my virginity to an extraterrestrial with a very nice body': Divorced part-time deli worker, 74, who claims he has fathered hundreds of babies with alien lovers after being visited by 'beings' since childhood paints his encounters

David Huggins, a 74-year-old deli counter worker in New Jersey, found himself in the arms of a woman five or six months ago who was not altogether unfamiliar. She was, as he calls them, a ‘being,’ an extraterrestrial from a community of aliens who have been visiting him since he was eight years old.

His recent intimate encounter with the woman took place ‘there,’ as he describes the vague and inexplicable ‘other’ realm he has visited with these beings. Before he knew it, he says matter-of-factly, he woke up again in his bed in Hoboken.

Huggins – a divorced father-of-one – calmly and methodically relates the incident to DailyMail.com with the same level of detail and pragmatism that he exhibits in Love and Saucers, a documentary detailing his extraordinary claims. But his experience this year with that being is far from his most significant encounter with the extraterrestrials over the past seven decades; he lost his virginity to one at the age of 17, he claims, and says he fathered hundreds of 'being' over the years – babies who have remained ‘there’ and with whom he has no contact.

‘You’re immediately disarmed by how down-to-earth and normal he seems,’ says director Brad Abrahams, who first heard about Huggins in a podcast which mentioned him in a throwaway comment about how fantastical the claims were. ‘He’s from small-town Georgia in the 1950s, and sort of softly spoken, simply spoken, doesn’t really muse on things, just tells you very matter-of-factly the most ridiculous or surreal of claims.

‘And hearing these things come out of the mouth of someone who seems so, so normal and sobering, the way he talks about it is a real dichotomy. Like I said, it disarms you and it leaves you open to actually just listening to him as another human being, not – as one might think – of a quack or a charlatan or someone who’s unbalanced. Because right away you see that he’s not, and you just tend to take him more seriously and the story more seriously.’