U.S. Navy

Bootcamp in Great Lakes, IL
Retired at Little Creek, VA
1955 to 1976

Bob in Whites 1975

Bob on the right in Boot Camp Great LakesBob with VC Grenade in Viet NamBob and 12 foot Rock Python in Viet Nam

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W Division Nuclear Weapons

"W" Division Nuclear Weapons

USS Kearsarge CVA 33USS America CVA 66

USS Essex CVA 9

Scud Fuel Suit In Israel

Rocket Fuel Suit Israel Scuds

The Anchor of the USS America CVA 66 140 feet

USS America Anchor

Water Parachute Jump Bob in the door!Water Jump in full wet suit.  Out the Door

Rota Spain Parachute Jumps

Da Nang Vietnam 1965-66

60MM Mortar in Side under the skin

X ray of 60MM Mortar

Before Operation

After it was cut out skin and all!

What it looked like after RSP by Bob Bureker

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