U.S. Navy
Boot camp in Great Lakes, IL
Retired at Little Creek, VA


60 MM Mortar in the side of a Vietnamese Trooper

60 MM mortar in the side of Vietnamese!

60 mm Mortar x ray


The story about this 60mm Mortar ending up in the side of a South Vietnamese soldier as shown below is:

The mortar had come down hitting the hatch of the APC the guy was riding in and then glanced off the side of his helmet. There were two scratch marks on the mortar just behind the fuse area. So yes he was a very lucky guy. The doctor was a Navy Capt. Dinsmore and I gave him the original mortar after I inerted it.

I did the job with Shorty Lyons. It was Shorty's first week in country and he begged to go on a job with me. I was Chief of the team in Da Nang and he was TAD from Pearl. So I let him come along. The doctor wanted to operate from behind sand bags with a knife on the end of a broom handle. (you can see the sand bags in the second picture below titled "Ready for Surgery") I asked him, "How fast can you duck when the case starts to swell."

I explained a little about how the fuse might work if we increase or released pressure on it. He understood that if we kept the pressure on the fuse constant it would be safe. While I was going over this with the Capt. Shorty got a gown and gloves on to help in the operation room. He held the mortar steady while the doctor cut around it. He gave it to me and I took it out into a field and unscrewed the fuse from the mortar.

I think Shorty got a bronze star for it later as the newspaper guys all took pictures of him and the Capt. while I was out in the safe area unscrewing the fuse from the mortar. When I got back all the news people had left. grin!



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60 MM Motar

60 MM Mortar in his side

60 mm mortar

Ready for surgery

After Removal

After removal

After Surgery with the doctor

Doctor Dinsmore did the surgery

Fozen clothes December 1955!

Boot Camp Great Lakes, IL

Chief Bureker Vietnam 1966

CPO Bureker Camp Ten Sha, Vietnam

Da Nang Vietnam 1965

11 3/4 foot Rock Python (It takes a 12 footer to kill a man?)

On the way to Rota, Spain

CWO2 Rota, Spain

CWO3 Rota Spain
CWO4 In Rota, Spain
CWO4 Rota Spain
CVA 9 USS Essex
USS Essex CVA 9 1957
USS Independence CVA 62
Med Cruise on the Independence CVA 62 1960 - 1961

USS America CVA 66

USS America CVA 66

USS Kearsarge CVA 33
USS Kearsarge CVA 33
W Division on the Essex CVA9 first cruise as Nuclear Weapons Assembly!
Top Left on the USS Essex CVA 9

UWSS classes 1965
Honor Man at Under Water Swimmer School Class January 1965
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Jack Brown in Key West UWSS Warman Creighton Marshall and Peatie
Key West USS Jack Brown
Key West free McVey pushing!
Key West UWSS

EOD Class October 1965
Honor Man at Explosive Ordnance Disposal Class October 1965

PO 1 Lancaster 200 feet on USS America Anchor!

PO Lancaster on the anchor of the USS America CVA 66 120 feet down

Diving job on the USS America

Gunner trying to get back in the raft!

Screw inspection on the USS America CVA 66

Screw Inspection the Gunner found a cover plate missing could that cause the vibrations?


Rocket fuel handling suit for defueling Scud Missiles

Rocket Fuel Suit for Scud Missiles in Israel

Out the door with diving gear and tanks!Out the door with diving gear and tanks!

Jumping out the door Rota Spain



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